Thursday, March 27, 2008

Critical Juncture for Silver and Gold

Looking at previous price spikes in gold and silver since 2004 suggests only one thing - a hard correction after them and the consolidation before the next bigger move up.
The situation is on a knife edge just now. Are gold and silver merely rallying before another fall or are they resuming another big move up. The Silver Analyst has gone daily on analysis to subscribers to keep them abreast of developments on the charts and comparisons with previous situations.
The finger still hovers over the sell button but so far the need to do that has been avoided as gains are made in the last few days.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Upcoming Issue 15 of The Silver Analyst

In the next issue we look at the gold-silver ratio. What does it mean? What historically has it done and what does that tell us about the future?

We also review exit strategies for the approaching silver price spike and look over our regular features which are:

1. New rankings for our 60 silver stocks, who is now at the top and how many are outperforming silver?
2. We update our charts on the international price of silver - have all currencies broken out yet?
3. Also, our silver stock index has laboured in recent months, what is it telling us this month?