Friday, October 12, 2007

Silver Analyst away for two weeks

Any subscription queries or questions I hope to get back to on the 29th or thereabouts. Meanwhile, happy silver investing as we approach the old $15 high of May 2006 which I expect to be taken out in the weeks ahead and after that?
We all have our ideas (our hopes?) as to where silver makes its next spike. The problem is avoiding being impaled on that spike! What could be more painful than to see silver perhaps double or more from here and then watch it drop even more rapidly back to where it is just now? Your net gain being zero.
Consider that scenario in your silver exit strategy because you need an exit strategy which is independent of emotion or wishful thinking. The time for entry strategy is over, get your whole game plan in place for the next few months as we watch silver advance to new multi-decade highs!


Blogger Page48 said...

What I love about a raging bull market in precious metals is losing $3,000 on an assortment of related stocks and mutual funds on a day when gold is down $1.50 and recovering only a third of that loss on a day when gold is up $16.00 and the HUI up 17 points.

To be a Canadian is not only to have short summers, but it is also to have a gold sector that is down 1% YTD on a November afternoon when gold closes the day at $806 US.

T-Bills to the rescue?

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