Friday, May 18, 2007

Get The Silver Mining Stock Report!

I have prepared an analysis of 60 stocks that are and have been promoted as silver plays over the last few years. Subscribers have already benefited from this information as it has been published in previous issues of The Silver Analyst.

However, it is now collated into one special report which can be purchased for $50 by sending a paypal or credit card payment to

You can also use your credit card on by clicking the "Send Money" tab and filling in the "SEND MONEY" box on the right.

Alternatively, you could subscribe to The Silver Analyst for $115 and get the same information from previous issues as well as benefit from a year's subscription to a newsletter dedicated to silver and silver alone!

The stocks are ranked according to how they are performing against silver. If a stock doubles but silver doubles as well, it is not worth holding. Even worse if a stock increases by only 75% while silver puts in 100%! However if a stock quadruples even when silver doubles, you have a winner.

The 60 stocks are ranked in three ways. Firstly, over the entire silver bull market since 2003. Secondly, most recently since June 2006 when silver bottomed out at $9.50 and has since advance to almost $15. Thirdly, over the entire duration of the silver bull market but the stocks are smoothed out to eliminate major surges in prices due to one off major silver discoveries which tend to skew ratings.

Get the stock report now to find the stocks that are top performers best right now and those that have consistently delivered over the entire silver bull market!


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Blogger Paul N said...

Great job! i found this blog after reading your article at!

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