Thursday, February 22, 2007

Weekly Updates from The Silver Analyst

Prospective subscribers may like to know that weekly updates are sent out at the weekend as well as the monthly issues. This keeps everyone up to date on the key indicators that we follow. As things begin to heat up, these are upped to a daily basis as the situation demands. A commentary is also attached to complete the weekly update. An example is shown below with made up numbers which are subscriber only information.

London Silver Fix Price: $30.00 (+$5.00 on week)

RSI: 1.00 (-0.10) (70 overbought)
RMAR: 1.00 (unchanged) (1.30 overbought)
SLI: 1.00 (+0.10) (1.80 overbought)
GSR: 1.00 (-0.10) (15.00 overbought)

SLD: 1.00
GLD: 1.00


RSI:Relative Stochastics Indicator
RMAR: smoothed price Relative to 200 day Moving Average Refined
SLI: Silver Leverage Indicator
GSR: Gold to Silver Ratio
SLD: Silver Leverage to US Dollar on a four year rolling basis
GLD: Gold Leverage to US Dollar on a four year rolling basis


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